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Virtual University 4.0


The Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory (VR/AR Lab) was created at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of Tomsk State University.It is a part of the large-scale digital project «Virtual University 4.0» which is implementing by TSU in a collaboration with IT-company Rubius.

In the "Virtual University», students will be able to work with interactive 3D-models of equipment and work out the mechanics of important processes, and teachers will be able to create interactive courses based on a library of models and tools.

Immersive technologies (virtual and augmented reality VR/AR) and products will be used for scientific and industrial purposes. The VR/AR Lab activities are mainly focused on development of high-tech products (applications and services) in a wide range of subject areas - from innovative education to industrial projects. The VR/AR Lab is also engaged in the design and development of advanced human-machine interfaces.