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Институт прикладной математики и компьютерных наук


Dear students,
Our Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science offers educational programs of various levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master, Postgraduate, in different specialities.
Those programs, except Big Data & Data Science (in english), are delivered in russian language.

If you are interested in studying those programs, and you speak russian, you can enroll to them in accordance with standard procedure for admission. You can learn admission requirements and procedure on the institute’s site, and on the site of the university admission office.

If you are interested in studying those programs but you don’t speak russian yet,    we could recommend you to enroll to our pre-courses department, where they teach russian and subjects necessary to chosen speciality (advanced math and computer science in our case). After the successful completion of those courses you can enter the selected program at our Institute.
We are happy to see you in our institute!