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VR/AR Laboratory

Head: Andrey V. Pristupa, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Informatics
Room 101, Building 2
email: vr_ar@mail.tsu.ru


TSU set up the Laboratory of Virtual and Augmented Reality with the advanced equipment. 
The university is implementing a large-scale digital project together with its partner, IT-company Rubius.
The project Virtual University 4.0 allows students to work with interactive 3D models of equipment and work out the mechanics of important processes and teachers to create interactive courses using a library of models and tools.Immersive technologies (virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR)) and products are used for scientific and industrial purposes



Interactive 3D Virtual Tours 

The TSU VR/AR Laboratory organizes 3D tours in partnership with the TSU Centre of Culture (http://cc.tsu.ru/contacts). 

We offer:
Panoramic photography
360° video
3D tour
Embed a 3D tour on the site
Virtual Reality 

Our portfolio:
Interactive 3D tour of the TSU Laboratory of Cell Technology http://www.tsu.ru/3d/lab/1/
Contact us vr_ar@mail.tsu.ru


A prototype of a VR simulator for practicing skills at working on industrial equipment used in the production of polymers, solid materials, catalysts and adsorbents

At the moment, the laboratory team are developing a prototype of a VR simulator for the TSU Faculty of Chemistry. 
The prototype is designed for chemistry students and allows them to do laboratory work when it is impossible to have an on-site internship.
The prototype enables virtual reality modeling of industrial equipment and provides the opportunity to simulate work on it.

Research interests

The laboratory strives to develop high-tech products (applications and services) in a wide range of subject areas – from innovative education to the interactive entertainment industry. Education and immersive technologies (virtual and augmented reality VR / AR), products created using digital tools will be used in science and industry.

Virtual University 4.0.


  - a platform for creating courses and training in VR / AR mode. UniVERsity was developed in partnership with the IT company   Rubius

What you can do with UniVERsity?


  • Develop interactive VR/AR courses without a programmer
  • Provide access to users around the world
  • Learn in VR/AR mode
  • Manage the learning process: assign courses to users, administer exams and assess 


Who is this platform for?


Schools, colleges and universities Corporate universities and study centers Professional retraining centers Museums and exhibition centers

With UniVRsity you can create virtual labs and training platforms, spectacular training learning and courses, convenient interactive instructions and virtual assistants, expositions and exhibitions in virtual and augmented reality.
UniVRsity will allow its users to adapt these materials for any VR/AR device: headsets, glasses, smartphones, tablets and personal computers  

How it works?


  • You develop your interactive material using the script builder and externally replenished library of 3D models.
  • You choose an online platform and publish material, for example, UniVRsity portal, Google Play, MS or App Store, Open edX or Moodle.
  • Users from anywhere in the world can download these materials to their devices, work with them, learn and have fun.



What has already been developed with UniVERsity?


The course Extinguish a Fire Indoors for Tomsk State University teaches students what to do in case of fire. The student must find a source of ignition, call firefighters, properly extinguish a burning computer and evacuate the building.
 5.png 6.JPEG

The course Study the Structure of Human Skin let students “dive into the skin” of a person, thoroughly examine its internal structure and learn how to diagnose skin formations comparing a 3D model of pathology with real images



How to purchase a license

To purchase a license for the platform or learn about the possibility of its customization, contact  univrsity@rubius.com.

Control of technological processes using AR technologies



  • You need a remote expert assistance when working with equipment in production areas
  • You want to obtain up-to-date information on the progress of a technological process directly at the production site
  • Using real equipment for training technical personnel is not always possible


The main areas:

  • Development of a 3D model of technical equipment R-4 Hot Water Supply Equipment Node
  • Interaction between the personnel and dispatcher using Photon tools
  • Formation of explanatory images by the Dispatcher and their transfer to the сlient application for technical staff
  • Simulation and display of process parameter values
  • Development of a сlient application for technical staff for selected platforms (HoloLens, Android)
  • Developing the Dispatcher desktop application


3D model of equipment




We have developed applications that:

  • provide remote assistance in working with equipment
  • allow for quick access to the current values of the equipment parameters
  • conduct staff training


We are going to

  • Connect to a server with real technological parameters
  • Implement a full-fledged video chat
  • Improve the interaction of technical staff with a 3D mnemonic scheme
  • Process control function additions
  • Expand the functionality for the exchange of information between the applications of the Dispatcher and technical staff